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i73 BaleShear

The i73 BaleShear was first developed by Tanco to better improve the feeding of round bales in winter months. Before the i73 BaleShear, feeding bales was labour intensive, where operators had to exit the cab and manually open bales with pocketknives and then re-enter the cab. The job was time consuming, posed safety risks, unpleasant and made recycling plastic a more time consuming and difficult task.

Save Time in Comfort

i73 BaleShear

Today with the i73 BaleShear operators can stay within the safety of the cab. Bales up to 1.55m in diameter are picked and split into passageways, diet feeders and feeding rings. The plastic is held by a patented gripping mechanism, that positively holds the plastic without piercing it, therefore eliminating the likelihood of tearing plastic. Once the bale is discharged the plastic can then be driven to a drop off point.

i75 MultiShear

The i75 MultiShear was developed in response to customers who wanted a tool that had all the time-saving and safety benefits of the i73 but also worked with bunker feed. The i75 MultiShear is a universal tool for handling both baled and bunkered feed.

Efficiently Feed Baled & Bunker Feed

I75 Multishear

Powered by two high capacity hydraulic rams, the front and side blades leave a clean face avoiding secondary fermentation. Both Maize and Silage feeds can be handled from a bunker. Bales can also be split, while retaining the plastic and netting. Cranked tines are standard and there are no changes whatsoever when moving from bunker to baled material.


Technical Drawings

i73 BaleShear

I75 Multishear

Weight & Dimenions
Weight and DimensionsI73I75
Transport Length (m)1.10 (3'6")1.30 (4'3")
Transport Width (m) 1.82 (5'9")2.00 (6'5")
Height in Transport (m) 0.85 (2'8")0.90(2'9")
Weight (kg)435 (959 lbs)740 (1,631 lbs)
Capacity (cu m)0.9 / (32 cu ft)
Bale Weight & Dimenions
Bale DimensionsI73I75
Width x (Min. - Max. Diameter) (m)1.25 x (1.00 - 1.55)1.25 x (1.00 - 1.55)
US Round Bale Dimensions (ft)up to 4 x 5up to 4 x 5
Max. Bale Weight (kg)1,400 (3,086 lbs)1,400 (3,086 lbs)
Technical Data
Min. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min)20 / 5.320 / 5.3
Min. Oil Pressure (bar) (PSI)180 / 2600180 / 2600

I73 BaleShear

  • Splits round bales up to 1.55m in diameter while retaining the plastic
  • Feed directly on feed passageways, diet feeders and feeding rings
  • Cuts silage, hay, maize and straw with ease
  • Single standard hydraulic coupling

I75 Multishear

  • Splits round bales from 1.2 to 1.5 metres in diameter
  • Feed directly on feed passageways or diet feeders
  • Feeds out both bales and bunkered silage, hay, maize and straw with ease
  • Single standard hydraulic coupling
Optional Extras
  • i74 Meal Bucket (I73 Only)
  • Bolt-on Brackets available for all modern tractors and loaders