• Q Series

  • Auto
    Automatic with Auto-Load
  • Up to 80
    Bales per hour
  • Variable
    Speed Control


The new Q Series linkage mounted round and square bale wrapper eliminates the need for large cumbersome trailed wrappers. Compact and lightweight, the Q Series has huge capabilities for its size.

With twin or triple wrap arms the Q Series is the fastest square bale wrapper on the market. Building on the popular 1500 series, the Q Series has improved the manoeuvring capability and now wraps a greater range of bales with a minimum of adjustment.

Key Features


The Q Series wraps every bale on the market, including twin packs of 120cm x 70cm square bales (120cm x 140cm) and round bales up to 1.7 metres in diameter.

Proportional Hydraulics

Proportional hydraulics allows for incremental speed adjustment, ensuring a smoother and more consistent wrapping operation, resulting in less vibration and longer machine life.


Bales can be placed on their flat end with the optional End-Tip The Auto-Load feature allows for continuous wrapping without operator input to the controller, furthermore bales are automatically levelled when Auto-Unloaded.


Redefining Large Bale Wrapping

The Q200 V has twin film dispensers. The twin wrap-arms unfold at the start of the wrapping cycle leaving two opposing dispensers to apply the wrap.

Opposing dispensers allow time for the film layer to adhere to the previous layer applied and avoids air being trapped and ingressing into the bale wasting nutrients.

Wrap Arm Unfold and Fold

Tanco’s patented system for unfolding and folding multiple wrap arms into a single cut and hold system has made it possible for 3 point linkage wrappers, which are lighter and more compact than their trailed counterparts, to reach the highest levels of performance and bale count.

Telescopic Cut & Start

A patented system, the telescopic Cut & Start extends to three times its resting state extending and then retracting to gather the film into a single strand. Once gathered and held, only then is the film cut, resulting in an ultra-reliable system you can have confidence in.

Variable Speed Hydraulics

The use of proportional hydraulics means hydraulic functions, such as wrap arm speed, can be variably adjusted to ramped up and down ensuring a smoother and more consistent wrapping operation, resulting in less vibration and longer machine life.

RDS Expert Plus Controller

The Expert Plus controller has.a larger screen for faster data input and read-out.

Standard Features

  • RDS Expert Plus Controller
  • Auto-Load automatically engages loading sequence without operator input
  • Variable speed control automatically adjusts dispenser speed for more accurate plastic film coverage on all size of bales
  • Automatic bale levelling and indexing
    Bales are automatically levelled for Off-Load
  • Load Sensing Kit
  • Telescopic Cut & Start
  • Settings for various bale sizes are stored for quick adjustment when moving between bale sizes
  • Tanco Dual Stretch Aluminium Dispenser with 55% & 70% stretch options built in

Optional Extras

  • Radio Remote Control
  • 6 and 4.5 metre extension cable
  • Universal Adaptor allows for wide range of brackets to be mounted for use on telehandlers


Technical Drawings
Weight & Dimenions
Weight and DimensionsQ200-VQ300-V
Transport Length (m)2.87 (9'4")2.87 (9'4")
Transport Width (m) 1.54 (5'0")1.54 (5'0")
Height in Transport (m) 2.87 (9'4")2.87 (9'4")
Weight (kg)1,370 (3,020 lbs)1,450 (3,197 lbs)
Bale Weight & Dimenions
Bale DimensionsQ200-VQ300-V
Width x (Min. - Max. Diameter) (m)1.5 x (0.80 - 1.70)1.5 x (0.80 - 1.70)
US Round Bale Dimensions (ft)up to 5 x 5.5up to 5 x 5.5
Max. Bale Weight (kg)1,200 / (2,645 lbs)1,200 / (2,645 lbs)
Max. Square Bale Size
Width x Height x Length (m)1.2 x 1.4 x 1.91.2 x 1.4 x 1.9
US Square Bale Dimensions (ft)4 x 4 x 64 x 4 x 6
Min. Square Bale Size
Width x Height x Length (m)0.47 x 0.8 0.47 x 0.8
US Square Bale Dimensions1.5 x 2.6 1.5 x 2.6
Technical Data
Min. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min)30 / 830 / 8
Max. Oil Consumption (l/min) (US gal/min)60 / 1660 / 16
Min. Oil Pressure (bar) (PSI)180 / 2600180 / 2600
Free Flow Return RequiredYesYes
Load Sensing OptionYesYes
Cable Controlled Valve BankNoNo
Joystick ControlsNoNo
Programmable Computer ControlsYesYes
Remote ControlOptOpt
Automatic Hydraulic Cut & StartYesYes
One Pre-Stretcher 750 mm (30”)NoNo
Two Pre-Stretcher 750 mm (30”)YesNo
Three Pre-Stretcher 750 mm (30”)NoYes
Adapter for 500 mm (20”) FilmOptOpt